Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shutter Shack Prepares for Hurricane Season!

Just as our miserable winter is hopefully coming to an end, now we have to focus on what might be our next peril . . . The never ending fear of a major hurricane striking the NY Metro area, especially, our home . . . Long Island! . . . not to mention the whole Northeast in general.

We at Shutter Shack pride ourselves with being one of the foremost companies to provide multiple Storm Protection Products, as well as providing expert advise concerning protecting your home.  Unfortunately, we have become very complacent in regard to a massive storm similar to one the likes of  "Hurricane Katrina" or "Hurricane Andrew" striking the NY/Metro area. 

According to the United States Landfalling Hurricane Probability Project of 2010 there is a 90% probability that the NY City/Long Island area will be hit with a major hurricane (category 3 or more) within the next 50 years. We are LONG overdue! (no pun intended, Long Island) for a major hurricane.

The last big Hurricane that hit Long Island was Gloria in 1985. Since that time there has been a ten-fold increase of construction, and development in our direct hurricane danger zone's. If a storm similar to the
 "Great Long Island Express"  strikes our area, Gloria will be minuscule in scale compared to that 1938 storm.

Gloria came in as a minimal category 2 storm and caused over $900 million in economic loss.  For you that remember, there were certain area's which didn't have power for over 2 weeks, Dune Road in the Hampton's was totally under water and some homes on the East End of Long Island washed away. Imagine all this damage,  and Gloria struck at low tide! If a storm such as the '38 storm were to strike today, the damage would be similar to the horrible images we witnessed during the Katrina catastrophe. Loses in our region might top over $100 billion! Everything south of Merrick Road could be under water!

                                    (Here's an old newsreel about the '38 storm)

The NYC/Metro area is ranked the 3rd most dangerous area in the USA for a major hurricane.  It is a fact that the NY/Metro area is in a very precarious geographical hurricane location. (Here is a YouTube Video if you are really curious!).

We have been receiving more and more calls about storm protection from home owners and businesses being "proactive".

We  just finished a large project at a Westchester Country Club using our Storm/Hurricane Panels.
These affordable lightweight Aluminum or Clear panels interlock and create a substantial barrier between your home and harsh exterior elements. They are lightweight, easy to install and store, and don't impede on the exterior details of your home. They even meet tough Florida Hurricane codes.

We also carry many other Hurricane/Storm as well as Security Protection Products that may suitable for many different solutions. 
At Shutter Shack we consider ourselves to be a service orientated business. Feel free to call or email us if you any questions, or comments concerning our products or website. We always strive to please our customers and better ourselves. We sell only top quality products with top quality customer service.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shutter Shack Introduces our new product..."DIY Shutter Kits"

Traditional 1 1/4" (Shutterettes) are becoming more and more difficult to find.  We have in the past used some overseas companies that offered a shutter that did not meet our quality standards.  Now we are proud to offer a "Made in the USA" high quality Interior Traditional Louver Shutter Kit.
DIY Shutter Kits
Our Bass Wood DIY Shutter Kits come Unfinished, with all necessary hardware and mounting accessory's.
These shutters can be trimmed to suit your needs, and ordered in either paint or stain grade woods.
Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

We are also looking into manufacturing for the Spring, (if it ever arrives), a "Shutter Plant Stand"