Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Shutter Shack at The Nassau Coliseum Home Show

We are very excited to announce that on April 4th, 5th, and 6th, the Shutter Shack will be participating in the Nassau Coliseum Home Show!!  Come see all the Shutter Shack has to offer in our uniquely designed home show booth.

There are many reasons to come see the shutter shack, the following are just a few examples:
- All of our interior and exterior shutters and models will be on display

- We will be highlighting our hurricane products, which have become increasingly popular due to recent hurricanes.

- We will have a few raffles where you can win money to be used at the Shutter Shack and also a chance to win a TV!

- Shutter shack can use its imposing technology to show you what a particular product what look like on your house for free!

These are only a few reasons why you should be at the home show to see the Shutter Shack.  Come so you can see al the Shutter Shack has to offer!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lexan Hurricane Panels: Secure and Stylish!

Lexan panels are a great way to protect windows from hurricanes and other storms.  They are very appealing for many reasons.  For one thing they are extremely light-weight, making them easy to install and store.  They are also clear, which is a huge plus for many people who want to keep the look of the area they are covering.  Recently, we had a job where we the customer wanted a tiki-bar in his backyard to be covered so that the wind and cold elements didn't destroy the bar in the off-season.  This is what the bar looked like before we started our job:

As you can see, the project was a little tricky to come up with a solution.  At first we thought about some other options, but we ultimately decided that the best option was to surround the bar with lexan urricane panels.  We chose the lexan for a few reasons.  First, the customer wanted to really protect the bar from the strong winter winds.  The lexan panels are hurricane tested, so a little(or a lot of!) wind is no match for them.  It was also important to the owner that we maintain the look of the tiki-bar.  With the lexan panels, you can see right through them and you can take off the bottom and top angles.  What we did was we installed removable upper and bottom angles.  Now, the owner could cover the bar, keeping it stylish and protected in the Winter, and he could take the panels and angles off completely for the Summer months.  You be the judge of how the job came out!

As you can see, the panels fit around the bar perfectly and preserve the look of the tiki-bar.  The channels on top are barely noticeable and can be removed regardless.  The bottom and top angles are fastened with removable bolts, making installation safe and easy.  We were also able to cut panels and angles to fit in spots with different elevation, as seen below.

As you can see, no matter the project, there is always a solution.  Lexan panels are very protective, and as you can see, extremely Stylish!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Roll-Down Shutters: Indoors or Outdoors

When people or businesses need security or weather protection, one of the best options we provide is roll-down shutters.  Whether it be for hurricane protection or for security purposes, roll-down shutters work!  As you can see above, the roll down shutters look sleek and the boxes on top do not take up a lot of room.  This particular job was at Watermill Country Club in the Hamptons.  There were over 20 units which we covered with roll-down shutters.  The installation was a few days and as you can see, they came out beautifully and look like they truly belong there.  Usually, these are used and mounted outside the window.  However, they are also a fantastic product to use on the inside.  Just recently we did a job in Suffolk County.  For this particular job, the client had a sports memorabilia room which he wished have security shutters.  He also wanted them to be inside the room and covered by the ceiling.  Since the room was under construction still, this was possible.  Not only did they come out great, but they provide our client with complete security and peace of mind for his collectibles.  Also, they look pretty darn cool!