Thursday, February 23, 2012

Save Energy & Save Money With Window Treatments

When it comes to reducing expenses on home heating, people try everything from doubling up on sweaters to blocking the bottoms of their front doors to avoid cranking up that thermostat, especially in this tough economic climate. One thing often overlooked is how an investment in window treatments can actually save a great deal AND give your home the new look it deserves!

Believe it or not, 50% of Solar Heat enters through your window and 40% of heat escapes through it. That means while 50% of your heat gain is through your open windows, your heating system has to provide 50% of the workload!

An option like solar shades, honeycomb shades or  other window treatment option can reject incoming heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter, drastically cutting your energy bills. Changes in temperature results in energy spikes and, therefore, higher energy use. In fact, from 2009-2011, purchasing custom window coverings allowed up to a $1500 tax credit from the federal government, thanks to a stimulus bill, to encourage Americans to "go green" and consume less.

Aside from Federal Tax Credits and reducing your energy costs, having an energy efficient window treatment installed can:

  • Reduce fading of interior furniture 
  • Reduce Glare by 90%
  • Result in more consistent temperatures
  • Give your home an updated, elegant look
  • Be motorized to provide convenience

Fashion can meet energy efficiency. Let's take a quick look at different options!

SheerweaveSheerweave Shades are yarns that are coated with vinyl and woven into an inconspicuous mesh fabric. They reduce glare and help control solar heat making any room a comfortable environment. The "difussed" look is more decorative than solar shades.

  • Undistorted Vision.
  • Clutch SystemWashable.
  • Daytime Privacy!
  • One Way Vision Lets You See Outside!
  • Reduces Glare!
  • Filters 95% of the Sun Load.
  • Blocks Ultra Violet Light.
  • Clutch System Makes Operation Easy.
  • Designer colors to meet any decorating requirement.

Solar ShadesSolar Shades are the best energy saving option! Mylar Film Solar Shades are available in a wide selection of colors. These shades have an aluminum coating laminated between two glare-reducing sheets of Mylar Film. 99% of ultraviolet rays are rejected, heat is reduced by 74%, and glare is reduced by 90%. They provide daytime privacy, eliminating vision from the street side.


Cellular Shades: From 2009-2011, manufacturers of these energy efficient options promoted them as a way to get a Federal Tax Credit.  Honeycomb shades are available in both vertical and horizontal pleats and come in a variety of fabric and color choices. Blackout shades are ideal for an infant's room, light sensitive areas, home theaters,  and offices where privacy is key. Also known as "privacy shades," these are a great option for those looking for optimal control over the amount of light entering a room.

Wooden/Vinyl Blinds: Even something as simple as blinds can offer insulation, light filtering, and the ability to block out heat when the weather becomes warm. Granted, these options don't offer quite the same look or efficiency that other products can provide, but they are still an option some people might choose to go with. 

No matter what option you choose to go with, you can find a wide variety of options through Shutter Shack. With over 40 years of experience, we can help you solve your heating, lighting or other issues without compromising style. You can even e-mail us with a picture of your window and we'll show you before ordering what your window will look like with various interior and exterior shutter options! 

See it BEFORE you buy it!

 Shutter Shack is proud to introduce our "see it BEFORE you buy it" option for shutters!

A difficult problem for our customers has always been the decision process since there are so many options with Custom Interior Shutters.

What size Louver do I choose?, How many Panels should I treat the window with? Should I do a Paint or Stain Finish? etc.

Now with our state of the art program you can see just how your window will look like in numerous configurations, finishes, and louver sizes.

option 1
 Just email us with a picture of the window you are considering covering with shutters and we can provide you with a picture of your exact window with the different scenarios!

Option 2

  This customer knew she only wanted to  cover the lower half of the window area, commonly know as "Cafe Style". But What size Louver? How many? Color? These were all choices that in the past had to be "visualized" in the customers mind. 
Option 3

After the customer was able to actually view all of the possibilities, the decision process was a snap!

Completed Project

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making It Look Real

When it comes to modern homes, most outdoor shutters are not functional. While the look of functional shutters is appealing, since the advent of glass windows, there’s no longer a need for the shutters commonly seen in the movies and cartoons. Rather, most homes tend to have decorative shutters, whether wood, vinyl, or vinyl that looks like natural wood . What most people don’t realize is that one very important feature of decorative shutters is to make them look like they’re operational.

Clearly for Decoration, these shutters add an elegant, traditional look.

It can often be a challenge to properly size a pair of shutters to have them properly close over a window and achieve the proper look. Equally important to the look of your shutters is shutter hardware.Even the slightest measurements being off can result in your shutters not properly fitting. While there are a wide range of do-it-yourself options available for interior shutters, as well as interior shutter hardware, it’s often a much better investment to have a local professional,  measure, install and assess your window treatments.

Let’s take a look at the hardware that makes operational shutters functional and can also be used on economical, decorative vinyl shutters as well:

Shutter Stays: Also known as “S Hold Backs,” these are what keep your shutters from slamming shut in the wind. They hold shutters open and away from the window. “S” stays are most popular for non-functional decorative shutters and are placed on the bottoms and sides of the units.

Faux functionality: Strap hinges and "S" shutter stays add a realistic touch to these cutouts.

Shutter Ring Pulls: Ring pulls are what allow you to easily close your shutters from the inside, should you so choose to do so. They allow you something to hold on to.

Shutter Hinges: Obviously, a shutter can’t open or close without hinges. Functional hinges come in a wide variety of styles, but most commonly, “strap hinges” are most commonly used on decorative shutters.

All hardware works together to give your home the unique look it deserves. It’s important not to overdo it with hardware; a little hardware goes a long way in giving your shutters a more realistic appearance. Purchasing a shutter hardware kit specially designed for use with decorative shutters is highly recommended.

There’s no need to settle for a bland look when it comes to your outdoor shutters. There are many customization options available for functionality, as well as decor. Can’t decide? The Shutter Shack can show you what your windows will look like before you order! Just email a photo to our experts!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shack News

We've been quite busy with both past projects, as well as working on enhancing our product line! Here are a few examples of some recent  Exterior Shutter projects.

This project included real wood shutters with a Combo-panel and cut out configuration. The burgundy constrast with the home worked well. Please visit our Before and After gallery to see just how much these shutters finished the exterior of this beautiful home.

Another product we have been
proud to introduce is our
These Covers are made of real
wood come unassembled, but
they are a snap to put together.
All that is required is a phillips
head screw driver.

Take a look how much these covers can enhance and update your home.

Be sure to check us out on where you can purchase $50 gift cards for just $5!
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