Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene: We Were Lucky!

satellite image of Irene
Given our recent NY weather, it's apparent that storms are becoming stronger and more frequent, especially over the past decade.

Shutter Shack has always offered storm, security, and protection products. 
Coincidently, our February Blog was dedicated to these products as the Hurricane season was approaching.
Irene hit Long Island and New England on August 27th. It was downgraded to a Tropical Storm just as it passed over Cape May, New Jersey. Long Island had winds of about 80 MPH.
Irene caused over 1 billion dollars in damage across New York. Vermont lost roads, towns were cut off  my home Ski Area; Killington Vt. had their base lodge severely damaged.

Some residents of Long Island were without power for over 2 weeks. Make no mistake, this was a minimal storm? Was it a 20 year storm?, or is becoming the norm?
Who knows? But of couple things we definietly do know.....

It was the worst power outage in Long Island's history!
Had wind speed been just 30-40 MPH more (category 1 or 2) the scenenario on Long Island would of been quite different! The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale gives us some idea of specific damage we can expect during Storms.
Some Customers have even mentioned some of the Nor'easters we receive are more severe than Irene!

Shutter Shack, has been swamped with calls from customers who are seeing Irene as a wake up call!
Shutter Shack has always provided all types of Window Products...Decorative, Functional, both for the Interior and Exterior of your home, office, etc.
But most importantly Shutter Shack is proud to help residents of the Northeast protect their homes, businesses, and families.
We are in the process of upgrading our Hurricane/Security section. The next Blog will explain all the products old and new that can be used to protect your home, as well as benefits, drawbacks, even basic costs for each specific protection product.
We currently offer...

Hurrricane Fabric                

We will be updating this section on a ongoing  effort to provide detailed information about each specific product to protect your home. Please feel free to call (toll-free) 877-913-3100 if you would have any questions concerning any of these products.

We aim to make our Blog not only a source for product information but also a tool for Storm Preparation and a detailed resource guide. We invite any comments or suggestions to help the public.
 We especially welcome residents in the Hurricane Belt...Florida,Carolina's, etc. for advise you may have for us yanks. (Met fan here tho!)
We ever reamiaing compancent and arrogant (me to)  could use some expert advise on  and tips as it seems we are having to deal with these severe storms more frequently, not to mention, more severe.