Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Told You !!!

Hurricane Sandy Strikes Shutter Shack and Long Island!!

As we long have been advising our customers and neighbors, the "Big One", Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast with devistating results.

I, as the owner of Shutter Shack have always been an adovcate for more Storm protection for Long Island.... So much so, that I even created our Storm Protection Products section as a major product line for Shutter  I today am also a victim now as this is my house on Long Island Post Sandy!

"My House "
 The Picture to the right is my  home and when the tree fell, It sounded like the house blew up. We were very lucky to be on the other side of the house!!
 I can see now how important being pro-strom active is!
We also had four other trees fall on our property.

This storm they say was a once in a life-time storm, but as our blog has mentioned these storms seem to be getting worse. As mentioned the Long Island NYC area is in the worst possible place for these storms.

We hope all our neighbors from Long Island are doing OK. If there is any way Shutter Shack can be of assistance feel free to call or email us. We are here to help. Remember, they are saying this was the big one, but we are very vulnerable to these storms and there will be more. It's not if, it's when.
We would love to hear from our previous customers whom we have done Hurricane Protection for to hear how well things stood up. I am confident these customers were a bit more confident with the many storm products we have provided for them.

We also were effected by the storm. Our Computers are down and have no power. (just like 90% of Long Island). We ask for your understanding in this difficult time, and if you have any orders currently outstanding with us, we will be and up and running ASAP!     Even better now because now we've been there!!


We were voted one of the 10 best "Storm Protection Companies", by the Long Island Press. We now know what it takes to be # 1.

Additionally any of our current customers;
Please use our Contact Form to inquire about any "in house" orders, we will do our best to contact you ASAP.

Thanks for all the best wishes! We'll get back on our feet before you know it.

Shutter Shack