Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Best of L.I. 2013 


  Best of:  Storm Protection Store 

The entire Shutter Shack staff is proud to announce we are the 2nd place winner of the "Long Island Press" award for Best Storm Protection Store on Long Island.

We can now pride ourselves as being Storm Protection EXPERTS being that we have endured the wrath of Superstorm Sandy. 

We have personally witnessed the devastation that our neighbors as well as us have been subject to.  While conducting business, we were shocked to witness the destruction a storm of this magnitude can inflict.
Here are a few more pictures of some of the damage that Sandy did to our beloved Long Island . . .

Shutter Shack has helped homeowners and businesses become more proactive should we ever have to deal with another storm the likes of Sandy.  Our Storm Protection Products now have become a necessary component of many  NY/Metro area structures.  We have personally witnessed the destruction from the " Rockaways", Long Beach, as well as many area's of the South Shore and beyond.  We offer Hurricane Roll Shutters, Storm Panels, Hurricane Fabric, Laminated Storm Film, as well as many other protection products.

We have heard many stories of the severity of Sandy; those who had five feet of water in their homes, to those who had homes totally destroyed. While our products may not be a absolute guarantee of abating damage, in many cases our products would of helped.

In an effort to enhance our Storm Protection Line, we now have introduced a new type of " Indoor Solar Generators ."

Our personal experience has educated us that gasoline to power generators may be hard if not impossible to obtain. Also noted, is if you have a natural gas generator, the gas company may turn off the gas due to the fact that if a line should rupture, it can cause a fire.  Our new Solar Generators have rechargeable batteries that can power your home for a few days. Then you can add a portable Solar Panel which will recharge the batteries, even when the sun is not shining.  The solar generator is also "noise free", so it will not bother neighbors. Another huge benefit of the the Solar Generator is it does not give off any dangerous fumes. Additionally, we have encountered thieves trying to steal generators because they are easily heard and locatable.  Here is a photo of our indoor generator . . .

Indoor Generator w/Portable Solar Panels

At Shutter Shack, we pride ourselves in being a progressive family owned and operated business.  We always look to upgrade our business with innovative, current, progressive and beneficial products.  We have been in business since 1970, and look forward to many more decades of providing quality products for our customers.
During the Hurricane, I (Bruce) was forced to take shelter in my basement.  During that time I located many articles and advertisements for yesteryear.  Here are a few of those ads . . .

Above is one of our first ads, from the Five Towns Herald circa 1970.  It features Drapery Panels, a product that was one of our first "best sellers."

This ad is from 1980, and promotes our most popular product which still remains to be today's most popular interior window product specifically;  Custom Interior Shutters. The images to the right are jobs we did over 30 years ago and still looks like it could of been done yesterday.  Shown is Ruth Salzman, Shutter Shack's first consultant for which we still utilize her innovative design basics.
                                                     Here is one more from 1972, note the products that were popular then . . . Some of these products scream 1970"s, such as Laminated Shades, Verticals, Macrame, Mylar, and Track Lights. While most of these products would make us cringe today, once again we see Shutters and Woven Woods.  Funny, but once again what comes around, goes around. Woven Woods are another product which is very popular in today's home's.  We will however pass on the Lucite Shelves, and Levelors.

Finally, I found an article written in 1985 that tells the Shutter Shack story.  Specifically all the above products mentioned as well as other services we offer.  It was great to find these archived ad's and articles.  To our own amazement, we could not believe how much Shutter Shack has evolved through the year's.

The future is our main goal. . .
to provide those hard to find, quality home and business improvement products. Those products that makes our lives a bit more safe, esthetically pleasing, energy saving, beautifying, and makes our personal space more livable and enjoyable.

By the way, here is a YouTube Video of  Bruce on the David Letterman Show,  from 1982. 
Dave says, "Paul and I get all our Shutters at The Shutter Shack!" ;)

In closing, if you would like any information on any of our products, or if you have any suggestions pertaining to products you would like us to offer, please feel free to call us at 877-913-3100, or use our Contact Form.  We welcome customer suggestions. 
Remember, at Shutter Shack, "You Conceive It, We Achieve It!"