Monday, January 16, 2012

Follow Up on Storm Protection... Irene...Only the Beginning??

We strive to make our Blog not only a source for product information but also a source for Storm Preparation Information and invite any comments or suggestions to help the public!

I had the unfortunate experience to witness much of the devastation Irene cause to Vermont during my last ski trip.

I could not believe how Vermont was so profoundly effected by Irene. All the rivers had huge trees in the middle of them. Much, if not all vegetation that was adjacent to all the rivers, let alone mountain gully's were it seems for ever decimated by this storm....

The video and picture above is from West Bridgewater VT, a location we frequent many times when we visit VT.

We were especially surprised by how well the state of Vermont has recovered from this unexpected event.
Had this type of flooding occurred in any Metro area on the East Coast it would of been disastrous and would of taken years to repair or replace!

We city folks on the Northeast Coast missed a bullet with Irene as seen by the above images.
Hopefully, we will never have to deal with another storm like Irene for a long time.

Irene came in as a weak Category 1 storm. Many Long Island residents have told me we have had Nor' Easters which were more powerful than Irene was.

We welcome comments and suggestions from residents from the Hurricane Belt...Florida,Carolinas, etc. for advise you may have for us up here in the north, as to what we should do (at least sea-side) to protect our homes should we really have a serious storm! (Irene was a tease!)
We remain ever so complacent, perhaps arrogant (a trait of us Easterners) and could maybe use some expert advise and tips as it seems we may have to deal with these severe storms more frequently, not to mention, on more severe basis.

Thanks. B.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Here at Shutter Shack, we're proud to introduce our new Quick Response (QR) Tag!

A quick scan of this code with your mobile phone's QR or barcode scanner application will provide you with with instant access to our products and services, as well as exclusive deals! 

We look forward to enhancing our website, product line, and customer service to serve our customers with that "old fashioned care" for years to come and thank our customers for their continued loyalty and business!

There's a First Time for Everything...Even with Shutters!

Pocket Shutter Door Design and Furnish Project.

Shutter Shack recently had a customer visit our retail outfit requesting an out of the ordinary design for her home  under construction.

Even with having over 40 years of experience performing custom installations, we've never done a job like this- until now!

Here you see the Master Bedroom under construction with no dry wall in place. The Client preferred 3 1/2"  Custom Plantation Shutters  to act as Pocket Doors and slide into her exitsting walls.

After many hours with Designers, Architects, and the on-site Foreman, we were able to come up with a plan to install the tracking prior to closing the walls. Measuring could only be done at certain periods of the project, and we all had to loose a little weight get the doors in the pockets. :)
Well after a few months of planning, ordering, and finishing construction of both the Shutters as well as the room itself we came up with the following results...
The project was quite a challenge, and we did need to close the louvers to stack the panels into the wall. We were quite pleased with the results, as was the customer!