Friday, October 14, 2011

Safety/Security/Solar Window Film(s)

Safety-Energy Efficiency-Ultraviolet Ray Protection-Security-Comfort.
 Security/Safety/Solar Film(s).

Now there is a simple way to enhance your home or businesses window integrity by adding our These films come in numerous thicknesses and tints to address your specific needs. This film is bonded by a special adhesive, and becomes part of the window.
It will help the window maintain its integrity and will increase the strength of the glass. We can use a thicker film if security needs are the issue, or use tinting films for energy efficiency needs.

Even the clear Security film will give you over 90% reduction in UV Rays.  These are the rays that fade furnishings, carpeting, artwork, window treatments, etc.

Residential Solar Control for Heat and Glare
When violent acts of nature, natural disasters, vandalism or accidents shatter your window, flying glass and compromised windows can be responsible for most damage,and injuries.

Security film  helps increase the strength of the windows and possibly prevent additonal damage to your home or business.

These layers of polyester film bond to the inside of your home to give this added protection.  For extreme security and storm protection optional frame attachment hardware or silicone can be added.

Check out this YouTube vide demostrating the product...


-- never have to install or remove film, its always there!
--Comes in numerous thicknesses and tints to address your specific situation.
--Increases the strength of the glass.

--May help prevent the window from caving in.
--Helps prevent scards of glass from shattering.
--Helps prevent quick break and grab thefts.
--All films reduce at least 90% of fading UV Rays.

--Without optional attachment hardware aprox $25-$30per square foot installed. (Average thickness Film)


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  2. Window films have so many different benefits depending on your needs. They are also relatively inexpensive compared with other window treatments.

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