Monday, April 2, 2012

Seven Tips for Great Window Treatments

  1. 1. Try Some Texture: Roman shades are one of the most popular window trends around, especially when made of bamboo, rattan or other natural fibers. They add visual appeal with their textures, but still roll up smoothly like traditional Romans. 
2. Go Green: Energy efficiency is all the rage, both from an environmental standpoint and in today’s economy. Options like Cellular Honeycomb shades, sheerweaves and solar shades drastically reduce home heating in the winter and keep you cooler longer in the summer while giving you additional daytime privacy.

3. Less is more: Try replacing your heavy window coverings with simple shades. Sue Pelley, national spokesperson for Interiors by Decorating Den suggests using an upholstered cornice or flap valance to reduce fabric.

4. Lighten the mood: Using natural light in your kitchen is essential. Pleated shades not only allow more light, but still give you privacy.

    5. Soften light: While natural lighting is a must, sometimes the sun’s rays can hit your space a little too hard. Too much direct sunlight can cause heat buildup and prove to be an obstacle in your workspace. One solution in this case is using simple wood blinds or woven wood shades. Provenance, by Hunter Douglas, is a great choice to filter out an abundance of light without sacrificing style.

    6.Incorporating Curves: From a design standpoint, having nothing but straight lines in your kitchen or workspace can be rather boring. While cabinets and appliances fit together ergonomically, your windows don’t have to match their square pattern! If you’re looking to open up your space, consider an arching valance or a curved cornice.

    7. Pair Colors: Colors can make all the difference in your room. Contemporary tones in fabric help set the mood of your room and can offer solutions, such as making a small space look larger. Dark warm colors can make your large kitchen more inviting while cooler, lighter combinations create the illusion of space.

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