Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recovering From Sandy


After about a month of difficult times, we are happy to report that we are getting back on our feet and a return to some normalicy.
Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for some of our neighbors.
As our previous post mentioned, I too, (Bruce), the owner of Shutter Shack, have also been a victim of Sandy.

I posted a pic of my home post Sandy with a picture of the huge tree that fell on my home on our previous Blog. I am happy that the tree(s)finally have been removed. Here are some picture(s) of the ordeal of removing the mess!
As you see this is only the beginning for my own personal recovery. I still have so much work to do to bring back my home to the way it was before the storm.  I do however consider myself lucky! Firstly because had the tree fallen in a different direction, the house may have become uninhabitibable, or even worse it could have fallen on the opposite side of my home where myself and daughter, Alyson were staying.

After the tree fell, we went into the basement. So all considered, I feel very lucky, as if the tree fell where we were staying, we could of been in a lot worse shape.

As you can see by photo below, Aly is very happy we survived the storm. We have lots of damage, but we are very happy because it could of been a lot worse! (for us anyway)
 I, as well as the entire Shutter Shack staff are here for our customers to be more pro-active if god forbid, we have to deal with this type of storm again. Also, our hearts go out to all our neighbors who did not have the luck we did.

If there is any way Shutter Shack can be of assistance to anyone who needs advise or help, or would like to share their "Sandy" experiance, we are here for you and welcome your comments. As bad as the storm was, we at "The Shack" all have more experiance now, and it can only benefit us with the fact that we have "been there"! 

One thing I personally learned is that you receive a discount on your homeowners insurance for installing storm protection products.

We now understand what Florida, New Orleans, The Carolina's, and residents of the Southern states have to endure on a ongoing basis.

We have been selling Storm Protection Products for some time now, but we now have a newfound appreciation, as well as experiance on how inportant it is to be proactive and prepared.

We are going to be enhancing our Storm Protection section with more products from "Solar" Generators, to "Hurricane survival kits", so please check our website on a ongoing basis to see our revisions and check out what new storm protection products we will be offering!

Remember Northeasterners, we now are heading into winter season, and we all know that some "Nor-easter Storms" we have can be pretty bad. Now is not the time to let our guard down.

Once again, please if anyone can offer any advise or share their experiance, we are happy to benefit from your experiance as well. 

Finally, and most importantly we wish all our friends and customers; past, present, and future, have a happy, healthy, and SAFE Holiday season.

By the way, during the storm we found lots of Shutter Shack Ad's from as far back as 1970 which we will be posting. Thanks for reading our Blog!
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Hurricane Sandy Time Lapse Nasa
"You conceive it, we achieve it!"

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