Thursday, February 23, 2012

See it BEFORE you buy it!

 Shutter Shack is proud to introduce our "see it BEFORE you buy it" option for shutters!

A difficult problem for our customers has always been the decision process since there are so many options with Custom Interior Shutters.

What size Louver do I choose?, How many Panels should I treat the window with? Should I do a Paint or Stain Finish? etc.

Now with our state of the art program you can see just how your window will look like in numerous configurations, finishes, and louver sizes.

option 1
 Just email us with a picture of the window you are considering covering with shutters and we can provide you with a picture of your exact window with the different scenarios!

Option 2

  This customer knew she only wanted to  cover the lower half of the window area, commonly know as "Cafe Style". But What size Louver? How many? Color? These were all choices that in the past had to be "visualized" in the customers mind. 
Option 3

After the customer was able to actually view all of the possibilities, the decision process was a snap!

Completed Project

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