Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making It Look Real

When it comes to modern homes, most outdoor shutters are not functional. While the look of functional shutters is appealing, since the advent of glass windows, there’s no longer a need for the shutters commonly seen in the movies and cartoons. Rather, most homes tend to have decorative shutters, whether wood, vinyl, or vinyl that looks like natural wood . What most people don’t realize is that one very important feature of decorative shutters is to make them look like they’re operational.

Clearly for Decoration, these shutters add an elegant, traditional look.

It can often be a challenge to properly size a pair of shutters to have them properly close over a window and achieve the proper look. Equally important to the look of your shutters is shutter hardware.Even the slightest measurements being off can result in your shutters not properly fitting. While there are a wide range of do-it-yourself options available for interior shutters, as well as interior shutter hardware, it’s often a much better investment to have a local professional,  measure, install and assess your window treatments.

Let’s take a look at the hardware that makes operational shutters functional and can also be used on economical, decorative vinyl shutters as well:

Shutter Stays: Also known as “S Hold Backs,” these are what keep your shutters from slamming shut in the wind. They hold shutters open and away from the window. “S” stays are most popular for non-functional decorative shutters and are placed on the bottoms and sides of the units.

Faux functionality: Strap hinges and "S" shutter stays add a realistic touch to these cutouts.

Shutter Ring Pulls: Ring pulls are what allow you to easily close your shutters from the inside, should you so choose to do so. They allow you something to hold on to.

Shutter Hinges: Obviously, a shutter can’t open or close without hinges. Functional hinges come in a wide variety of styles, but most commonly, “strap hinges” are most commonly used on decorative shutters.

All hardware works together to give your home the unique look it deserves. It’s important not to overdo it with hardware; a little hardware goes a long way in giving your shutters a more realistic appearance. Purchasing a shutter hardware kit specially designed for use with decorative shutters is highly recommended.

There’s no need to settle for a bland look when it comes to your outdoor shutters. There are many customization options available for functionality, as well as decor. Can’t decide? The Shutter Shack can show you what your windows will look like before you order! Just email a photo to our experts!

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